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the play opens in september. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to briana keilar in "the situation room," filling in for wolf blitzer. take it away. >> thank, jake. happening now, the bloodbath rages on in egypt. plus, chilling new threats against u.s. ambassadors around the world, purportedly from al qaeda's american-born spokesman. you'll see the video. and a-rod gets beaned on the baseball field as sentiment against the embattled yankee reaches a fever pitch. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm brianna keel keilar and you're in the situation room. >> another day of deadly
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bloodshed in egypt. rocket propelled grenades struck buses at the gaza border. the death toll in the past week close to a thousand people including civilians and security personnel. the carnage has prompted amnesty international to call for an investigation into the, quote, shocking loss of life and the pressure is mounting on the united states to do more. ni nick. >> you said the u.s. is promising to do more. we have heard the state department yesterday saying the death of 37 being suffocated by tear gas was suspicious. we have been looking into the five hellish days that activists say was the life of one of those
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prisoners. this is what happened with police first got old -- five days after the brute at police crackdown, his friends gathered to mourn. they're morning here in small numbers with a as soon as of fear that's entirely understandable. >> translator: his torso was fine. but his face, the doctors told me he was sufficient skated and because of that his face was swollen like a soccer ball you could he was among hundreds herded by police into this stadium where police and
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protesters were clashing. some were out thereof, said this lawyer, whose phone rings constantly whose families are looking for help to find their families missing in the crackdown. >> translator: emotionally it was difficult for us. we could not bring ourselves to call l calless just like these preem. >> charif's last facebook posting tell me parents not to worry. i'm in the inside wall. call my father. he was moved to a central cairo prison and put on a convoice. one van took a police officer hostage. police retaliated with tear gas and 37 prisoners suffocated. charif was one of them.
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activists said he was burr eefd monday after five days of hell. >> you mentioned the death of those 25 soldiers. state tv full of images of them in civilian clothing, saying they were on their way home, on leave. the images suggesting perhaps they shot execution style. it feeds into a government narrative here building steam that they're fighting terrorism across the country. the muslim brother come under that umbrella. although the brotherhood did today speak out against the violence in the sinai saying they wanted to remain peaceful. we've soon very low numbers of their protesters on the streets for the past 48 hours. people are thinking the enthusiasm before their supporters may be e be approximately
quote quote
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>> and now a twist that is unfolding that reveal detail of the u.s. government's massive surveillance programs. this involves a new player in the drama, not edward snowden or journalist glenn greenwald but green wald's partner. we are working this story in london. >> reporter: why was david miranda, a brazilian citizens, detained for nearly nine hours at heathrow airport on sunday? greenwald says this is an attack on the free press. in "the guardian" newspaper, green wold wrote it is bad enough to imprison sources who report the truth. but to start detakening the famili
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familiar. >> sed you'll 7 allows british police it detain and question anyone passing through the borders, ostensibly to stop an attack. detainees are not given access to lawyers until they are released. according to britain's hope office, 97% of people stopped are released in less than an hour. one in 2,000 are held for the maximum time allowed, nine hours. so why was miranda in that category? miranda has now returned to brazil, greeted at the airport by greenwald but his laptop, dvds and a console all remain confiscated. the garden newspaper has confirmed they paid for miranda's flights but it's not clear if miranda was asked to deliver any documents or information. according to greenwald, miranda spent nine hours answering
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questions only about edward snowden and the nsa, no terror-related questions. whatever the reason, brazilian diplomats are expressing their outrage and some british members of parliament are saying his detention was an abuse of the law. greenwald says he will not be intimidated or deferred and says he will continue to expose u.s. pow power. >> let's bring in our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. so his laptop confiscated. >> reporter: the white house officials insisted they had no involvement in what they called a british police action. today in the briefing the white house refused to condemn the action but also acknowledged that officials here did know about it before it occurred. listen to this exchange.
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>> reporter: can you state with authority that the u.s. government has not obtained material from the laptop the british authorities confiscated from glenn greenwald's partner or any of the personal devices they also confiscated. >> i'm just not in a position to talk to you about conversations between british and american law enforcement officials. >> so you can't rule out that the u.s. hat. >> that was provided by the british government. again, this is something that we ind but it's not something that we've requested. >> now, breen and a, the white house clard -- they were notified once miranda's name appeared on a list that he was flying on an airline and that
quote quote
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the britt planned to detain him. the u.s. government was told by the british. we haven't been told who in the white house was told but clearly the u.s. not condemning this action. i think it makes a lot of people wonder would this kind of thing happen here? do you have any sense to the answer to that question? >> good question. the answer is yes. the u.s. can do something similar at u.s. airports and boarders. government officials can check bag, can ask people to turn on their laptops and take them and ton physical kay them for and that you if they find something
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suspicious, they can keep them indefinitely. once official tells me we never have less freedom than when crossing an international border here. thank you for that report. when we come back, a stunning turn around for one of the party's rising star. plus, cheeing. new threats go tvideo coming up.
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a dramatic downfall for a republican once sit teg top of his party, now plagued by scandal, virginia governor bob mcdonald is hoping to make it to the end of he is terms.
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joe, some pretty fascinating details here, joe. >> that he for sure. a federal grand jury remains on this case in richmond, plus an all-day meeting between justice department officials and lawyers for the government and his wife. a source says the aim is to try and figure out where the case is headed by labor day. virginia governor bob mcdonald was side stepping questions monday as prosecutors search for answers to question. a stunning turn around for a rising star no longer in national republican politics. this year mcdonald is fending off questions about resigning, those he term limited and out of office in january. >> i intend to work this next 160 days to do everything
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possible to be able to finish out a very good term. >> mcdonald has already repaid his friend, donor and ceo of star sign civic supplements for tens of thousands of loans for his wife maureen, for a 6,500 role exwatch. the main thing is if he willfully turned a blind its to gifts for his wife. he said he doesn't know about the gifts or the stock. >> the governor has essentially twice thrown his wife under the bus. >> this would be a very difficult case without the federal prosecutor to make
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without prit kwez. >> reporter: mcdonald says he broke no laws, pointing out in a recent radio interview that even under the gift disclosure rules in virginia, his wife and kid are off the hook and so is he. >> gifts to elected officials are reported, gift to family members are not. >> reporter: still, the public memory of all this could pose a long-term political problem, regard whether charges are field. >> clearly with the court of public opinion, the goorn has. >> mcdonald can't run pore reelection. the state of virginia hasn't had a lot of hanky panky from elected officials so to some this situation is a bat of a shock. >> briana?
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>> joe johns, thank you so much for your report. joining us is considered john king. first off, is he handling the right way? deflecting, handling, is he doing the right thing. >> i think without a doubt he waited too long to give some statements about what he knew and what he was prepared to say. if you talk to his gubernatorial steph and leave staff and political friend in and they say he has not been a cautionly tale. imagine the economy in virginia has been pretty good. better than many of the other states during the recession. he would have been in a romney candidate if romney had won. here's a guy winding down his term. he would be part of the 2016 conversation, a state that has
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rece recent gone blue but the republicans want to take it back. forget about it now. i was there on election night in richmond in 2009 and there were a number of top republicans who were there, so excitedthe fact that he was doing well and when he won this rising star in the republican party, what does this mean for him and what does it mean for the party? >> you mentioned that optimism on that election night. this state is one of the big tug of wars. we talk about ohio and florida. but the level state and the democrats had ten back to get the republicans to 270, it's hard to get them there without the stage of virginia. now he's trying to keep himself out of a courtroom. this is rushl the term.
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this is normally when they're taking a tour of the state, a farewell tour. just last week he was putting o out case, information about how much john thing shank you nch. >> we're talking new jersey governor chrysanthemum, signing into law today making his state the second in the country to forbid conversion therapy. for under the age 18. this controversial practice is paste on the premise that a person's sexual orientation can be changed with counseling. the governor says that agrees. >> come up, we'll plus we'll
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still he's gone from being a teen-ager obsessed with heavy me al music to one of al qaeda most visible figuring. >> today could be your last day. >> raised on this goat farm, relatives say he converted islam but fell in with a hardline islamist group there and had a run-in with the mosque's leader. >> he came changing into my office one day, screaming and yelling and angry, really angry. and he caught me off guard and he slapped me right across the face. >> shortly after he was placed on the most wanted list, his father said this. >> i was surprised because i really couldn't imagine that he would do anything that would get him in this position. >> i asked analyst peter berg i
2:26 pm
don't know if adam gadahn is as dangerous as another american? >> did he go to all that he was a propagandist and claire being and didn't really have an operational role and one of the reasons that the president signed off on a drone strike, suddenly people decided he really does have an operational role. so things can change. so where is adam gadahn? apparently he's in pakistan. i reached out to his family to see what they had to say about the latest video. his mother sounded upset and she didn't want to talk about it. >> you have at least one u.s.
2:27 pm
senator now calling for this. that's, -- that's right. lindsay graham says he should be considered an minute combat ant. he was unvarietied for treason, for the videos that he did, not for what he did in al qaeda. that's different than anwar al-alwaki. >> thank you so much. next a-rod gets beaned during the baseball game last night. we'll talk about what this means for america's pastime. plus, you may love that morning cup of coffee and then some.
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and ask an insurance expert about all our benefits today, like our 24/7 support and service, because at liberty mutual insurance, we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, so we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? happening now, british authorities detain the partner of the journalist who first reported the nsa leaks to the world. and summer's hit song and the controversial lawsuit pits robin thicke against the family of a music legend. plus, coffee and your health. what's the truth about one of the world's favorite beverages? wolf blitzer is off today.
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i'm briana keilar and you're in "the situation room." so this was an awkward moment to say the least at last night's red sox/yankees game in boston. look at that, a-rod literally getting hit by a pitch. the sentiment against the star yankee has really reached a fever pitch as he battles accusations that he used performance-enhancing drugs and he's now appealing that 211 game suspension that he was hit with. cnn national correspondent jason carroll sat down with a-rod's attorney. what did he have to say, jason? >> reporter: he had a lot to say. he's the highest paid player in baseball. he's facing fastballs on the field but he's also serving up very serious allegations off the field. alex rodriguez's attorney coming forward and alleging problems by
2:33 pm
the yankees and mlb. >> both the yankees and the mlb never want alex rodriguez on the field again. >> reporter: and tacopina says this mri shows a tear on his left hip. >> the amazing part of that, that was never shared with alex rodriguez at the time. he was sent off to play. >> when you say it wasn't shared, what do you mean? >> he wanted told about it. >> reporter: given clearance to play by the yankees when he was hurt. he also alleges yankee's president made it clear to the doctor he did not want rodriguez
2:34 pm
back. >> what dr. llevine said to dr.y in so many words, i would rather alex never step on the field again. >> reporter: do you know the words? >> i understand a word not fit for television. >> and a statement mmlb said this is being used to distract people from the real issues. >> you understand some of these lawyers are in the midst of some. best lawyers in new york city. >> reporter: as an attorney you know it's a very simple statement, my client did not use performance-enhancing drugs. >> because there is a confidentiality clause. >> reporter: there is a
2:35 pm
confidentiality agreement in place while he appeals his suspension. what can you tell bus what relationship, if any, that rodriguez had with biogenesis? >> clearly, there's certain things we can't get into and can get into but clearly there was a relationship. >> reporter: what kind of relationship? >> consult relationship. that lab has consulted with many athletes. not all of those athletes have been accused of and found guilty of using illegal substances. >> reporter: help me understand. when you say consulting relationship, it's a bit vague. >> it is vague. and i'm back to getting into the defense of the allegations and i can't do it, as much as i wanted
2:36 pm
to. >> reporter: we did reach out to yankee management regarding allegations that medical information was withheld from rodriguez. as for that confidentiality agreement, major league baseball did send a letter saying they'd waive it but tacopino says that's just posturing. he said for it to be official, they have to send that letter to the players association and that has not been done yet. >> thank you for your report. joining us for more is brian costa, a reporter from the wall street journal and also peter king. i want to talk about moving forward. we still have a couple months left in the season, especially in the yankees make the postseason. is this the new normal? is this baseball now?
2:37 pm
>> i think this is pretty much become business as usual. every day there's more of the he said/he said and it's become a drama consuming the yankee season. >> john, let me ask you this, you were glued to the tv last night as i was, as baseball fans were. you're watching this whole game go down, you see that shot right there, he gets beaned. dempster, the pitcher after the game says, no, i was actually trying to go inside. do you believe that or -- >> that's a unique perspective. it was unintentional. of course it was unintentional. ah-ha. >> he can't say he did it on purpose. >> he can't say he did it on purpose. i hate to say this has a red sox fan, last night a-rod had the last word, he got the home run and the yankees won the game. i have a bias, i don't like a-rod, i think he's a cry baby.
2:38 pm
i'll say that straight up. but his manager is a class act. mario rivera is in his last season, he's the best closer ever. they're trying to make a run in the american league east. the red sox are up a game, the pittsburgh pirates might make the pennant in the first time since forever and it's about this. >> you said on the field a-rod has proved to be an as set in a position where the yankees desperately need help. off the field his co-existence resembles that of a match and a tank of gasoline. he's not very well liked, even on his own team. when you look at what happened last night, what do you think the cause of that is? is it just because of the sort of anti-a-rod sentiment all along, a cry baby as john called him, obviously very well paid? or is it also that you see these
2:39 pm
players really disliking what he's doing to baseball at this point? is it a little bit of self-policing maybe? >> well, i think you have a player who wasn't the most well-liked guy by his own peers to begin with. and now that they're seeing this happen, most player i think believe that alex rodriguez did commit the violations the mlb is accusing him of and are unhappy he's playing out the rest of the season as the appeals process plays out. i think the dynamic within his own team is interesting because between him and the yankees' front office, it's very contentious, very tense right now. he and yankees general manager brian cashman are barely on speaking terms. on the other hand, within his own clubhouse it varies. you have some players he has a history with that he's friendlier with, there are other players that have made it known they're not huge fans of his. so i think the players on the rest of the team are really almost like spectators in this drama like the rest of we are. >> to you first, brian and then
2:40 pm
to you, john. do you think that mlb needs to step in and kind of put an end to this? or can anything be done? >> well, mlb is reviewing the incident that happened last night with dempster and alex rodriguez. we'll see what, if any, discipline they offer. it's the first time this has happened as far as him getting beaned like this. so i think we'll have to see how it plays out. i don't anticipate that happening on a nightly basis but could it happen again? sure. >> what do you think, john? >> i think he'll be booed wherever he goes. i think he'll be seen as distracting from a grape seasea. they say the evidence against him is overwhelming, there is no doubt. but this is part because of the process. in america we're innocent until proven guilty and there is a process through which a-rod gets to appeal. i hate to defend him but the mlb has a process.
2:41 pm
should the mlb try to get a gag order? that might help everybody. he does have the right to appeal. as he does, we have this mess. >> others feel if the mlb used his authority to get him out of the game, it would be overreaching. >> that's a lot of the bad blood. it's about money. >> there's a lot of money riding on this, john king. thank you and thank you to brian costa as well. >> a-rod of not the only one getting hit by a ball on camera. a fox sports sideline reporter, paul oliver, she was getting socked in the face by a football in yesterday's preseason game. she was just preparing for a report when the pass knocked her in the head. she's okay, though, as can you see there. what a tough cookie. unbelievable. and the colts backup quarterback responsible for that apologized, gave her a big hug. he also tweeted at her that he owed her some flowers and i will
2:42 pm
definitely say they better be on their way. >> the so-called olympic blade runner, oscar pistorius, has now been formally invited in the death of his girl friend reeva steenka steenkamp. we go to south africa. >> reporter: reeva was supposed to be celebrating her 30th birthday today. instead her boyfriend, oscar pistorius, was here at the magistrate's court, head bowed, praying, facing charges of shooting her to death. he said it was a tragic mistake, he mistook her for an intruder. but the stay said it was premeditated murder and they indicted him for that today. >> if they appear to have a tenuous case for premeditated
2:43 pm
murder, the rest of their indictment appears to paint a picture of a fight and kill are her in the spur of the moment. it's very difficult to argue on the one hand murder in the spur of the moment but premeditation at the same time. >> reporter: what was striking about today's indictment was the sheer number of witnesses that the state intends to call. more than 100 names were listed on the charge sheet. >> if they do end up calling all 107 witnesses, this could be a very, very long trial. and all, the defense will want to rebut the evidence of the state's witnesses. they'll be calling their own witnesses as well. it's a very unusual number of witnesses to have on a list at this stage. >> reporter: a long case that begins on march 3rd, next year. >> now, just ahead a rare glimpse into the finances of a very private carolyn kennedy. how much is the presidential daughter worth?
2:44 pm
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let's take a look at some of the other top stories in "the situation room." the beaver creek fire is still raging out of control and with thousands of evacuations ordered. >> and royal watchers are dismissing a new conspiracy
2:48 pm
theory about the death of princess diana. allegations that members of elite members of the air service union was involved in assassinating diana. a confession that a former assassinator made to his wife. >> and carolyn kennedy is disclosing some personal financial information as part of her nomination to be the next u.s. ambassador to japan. they show that j.f.k.'s daughter has extensive financial interests and real estate in her portfolio and on the low side would put her net worth at $70 million. on the high side, $280 million or more. it's not exactly one of the ten commandments but one church choir is preaching about the dangers of social media, warning people to keep your business off facebook.
2:49 pm
♪ come on, put those hands together! >> so this has gone viral from an unidentified church. hundreds of thousands of views on youtube there. the song warns about the pit falls of sharing questionable behaviors on line. saying, quote, sundays you act like a saint but your facebook page say you ain't. may be some truth to that. >> coming up, some say it's good for you, some say it's bad for you. we go dig for the truth about coffee. plus details of robin thicke's lawsuit over the song by marvin gay. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here
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♪ good girls >> i admit. it's on my ipad. robin thicke's "blurred lines" is the hit song right now. the hit is caught up in a tense legal battle. here's cnn entertainment correspondent rochelle turner. >> reporter: is this too similar to this motown hit of 1977? robin thicke are preemptively filing a lawsuit against marvin gaye's family. at issue, complaints about similarities in the competitions between thicke's "blurred lines"
2:54 pm
and at least two other songs, including gaye's hit. the suit alleges that the sounds feel or sound the same. thicke argues that "blurred lines" was to invoke an era. but that's not copyright infringement -- or is it? >> typically, unless you find a melodic progression that sounds exactly like the sounds, they usually get away with it. >> reporter: in a second allegation, the head of bridge port music also claims thicke and producers extracted samplings of "sexy ways." george clinton himself, a former member of the group, disagrees,
2:55 pm
tweeting last week "no sample of "sexy ways" and robin thicke. we subject thicke. now it's up to a report to determine whether thicke's "blurred lines" crossed the line. and when we come back, controversy brewing over coffee and conflicting claims about its effect on your health. we are digging deeper. you're in "the situation room."
2:56 pm
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let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪ americans love their coffee. but is all that coffee good for us or bad for us?
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turns out the answer depends on whom you ask. elizabeth cohen takes a closer look. >> there's a lot of conflicting information about there about coffee drinking. so listen to this, we'll break it down for you. conflicting studies about coffee and your health are brewing up confusion. >> is it good for me? is it bad? should i drink it, should i not? >> i find the information confusing but i just drink it anyway. i drink like ten cups a day. >> a recent study says maybe she should learn to live without it, or perhaps not quite so much of it. the study found that people under age 55 who drank four or more cups a day were 50% more like tloi die during the course of the 16-year study. we're talking about eight-ounce cups of coffee. coffee might hurt you by increasing your chances of
3:00 pm
gettiget ing gastrointestinal coffee. plus -- >> the stimulant could cause irreguli irregular heart rhythms. >> decreasing the likelihood that you'll get diabetes, type 2 alzheimer's and other diseases. >> it's time to get your day going. >> some doctors say you can hedge your bets. >> mark twain once said everything in moderation. >> so maybe instead of ten cups a day, try sticking to fewer than four. maybe in this most recent study, coffee actually isn't the culprit. maybe it's just that people who drink a lot of coffee tend to have bad health habits. for example, maybe they're really stressed out and that's what's making them die young. we really have no way of knowing. brianna? >> that's it for me. the next hour of "the situation room" begins now with my colleague jake tapper. >> thanks, brianna. happening now. a stubborn wildfire threatens
3:01 pm
thousands of homes, including the pricey spreads of big name movie stars. we're live in the danger zone. plus, about 900 dead in one week. is the u.s. any closer to cutting off aid to egypt? we'll tell you what the white house is saying. new jersey governor chris christie has been showing his moderate side on social issues. could it cost thim republican presidential nomination in 2016? welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jake tapper, and you are in "the situation room." it's a red-hot assault on the homes of some of the rich and famous, and more than 1,200 firefighters have not been able to stop it yet. the beaver creek wildfire is scorching the elite resort of sun valley idaho right now. quite a few a-list celebrities have expensive vacation get-aways in the area.
3:02 pm
t we're joined from haley, idaho. >> reporter: the goal of any fire fight is to protect lives and property. around here, there is a lot of very expensive property that is in danger. multi-million-dollar homes are directly in the path of a 1,000-acre fire that's been burning for nearly two weeks. crews from around the country are trying to save this playground of the rich and famous known for attracting vacation celebrities like tom hanks, bruce willis, and arnold schwarzenegger. academy award winner richard dreyfuss, whose family is from here, tweeted "thank you firefighters and be safe. houses aren't worth lives." but they are worth a lot of money. in fact, insurance companies are actually hiring private firefighters to protect certain people's homes. they work alongside the regular firefighters who number more than a thousand. >> a lot of them used to be
3:03 pm
firefighters for an agency and now they're working for insurance companies. as long as they're coordinating and working with our people, it's one less house that we have to try to protect. >> at the opposite end of the welsh spectrum, the red cross is helping those in need. >> many people are from different backgrounds and that's what's staying with us. >> the fire started by lightning is threatening several resort towns at the sun valley ski resort, water cannons normally used to make snow, are protecting buildings and ski lifts. in haley, the national guard has been brought in to help facilitate evacuations, which now include families of more than 2,000 homes. the quaint resort is covered in a blanket of smoke, some of the businesses had remained open, including restaurants. but they're now feeding firefighters instead of tourists. and it's such a massive fire, it's difficult for firefighters. they're fighting on three separate fronts. there was some cloud cover last
3:04 pm
night and today the wind has dropped down a bit. they're expecting rain in a few days. they're hoping they'll be in a good position when that happens to get a hold of this fire. >> all right, ted, thank you so much. fire out west, flooding in the south. the bad weather is happening right now in all the wrong places. let's bring in cnn's severe weather expert chad myers. chad, what's going on here? are all these things related? >> i just wish we could spread it out. i don't think technically related, but you have a ridge of high pressure in the west. you have a trough of low pressure in the east. the ridge makes warm and hot and driesm a dry and the trough makes rain. a big up and a big down. 88 degrees right now. wind gusts 18 miles an hour. yesterday about 24 miles per hour in the afternoon with temperatures again back in the 80s. he talked about a chance of rain coming in for tomorrow. about a 30% chance of rain for tomorrow. the problem is it also brings a chance of lightning. any time you bring rain in the mountains, you can bring more lightning. and then places that we really
3:05 pm
want to get dry are just getting wetter. look at inlet beach, panama city. a foot of rain. not snow. a foot of rain over the weekend in inland beach. ten inches in panama city and it continues to rain there now. we are seeing purple areas all along the florida panhandle. that saw six inches of rain or more. everywhere you see that little dot of white, that's a foot of rain. atlanta today, this morning, about 3:00 in the morning took all years worth of rainfall and now we have it and it's only august. can you imagine where we're going to go from here? 50 inches of rain. could be 70 or 80 by the time this is done. now we're worried about when a tropical system and probably will come on shore somewhere, bringing 20, 30, 40 maybe higher winds. all those trees that are sitting in that just mud are going to start to fall down like dominos here across the southeast.
3:06 pm
we don't need any type of tropical weather in the next couple weeks until some of this dries out. >> all right, chad, thank you so much. now to egypt and the toll from the turmoil since president mohamed morsi was ousted. about 900 people have been killed in the past week alone. security personnel as well as private citizens. and pressure is building for the united states to cut off more than a billion dollars in aid to egypt. our senior international correspondent nick peyton walsh joins us live from cairo. what are you hearing about u.s. aid to egypt? >> reporter: the latest comments that they're not going to be tampering with economic, or the $1.23 billion worth of military aid. let's hear the broader comments on how this is proceeding from the white house.
3:07 pm
>> directed all the relevant agencies to review the assistance provided to the egyptian government. that review is being made in light of actions that are taken by the interim egyptian government. >> reporter: the view of many looking at that is we're now five days since the remarkable bloodshed that security forces caused when they cleared a major protest sit-in here. and still, the white house is talking about an ongoing review. many say it makes sense a week or three or four from now to then disrupt this vitally important strategic relationship. many have read the u.s. calculation as being -- they've been stern in condemnation. they've expressed their displeasure. but they really don't want to see this vital strategic middle
3:08 pm
eastern relationship disrupted by the bloodshed of the past five days. jake? >> much of the military aid is actually spent in the u.s. that will not be cut off. let's do a hypothetical now. if the u.s. were to pull some of its aid, whether it's the economic aid that you talked about, our military aid, where will egypt get help from? obviously it is already receiving pledges and money from other countries. >> reporter: it had such explicit support, more authoritarian communications from the middle east. the beginning of the revolution or coup, the gulf states of kuwait, saudi arabia, qatar pledged around $40 billion in immediate assistance. that was to fill a gaping hole in the country's finances. but it gave them a huge financial buffer for any years
3:09 pm
ahead and a big counterbalance to any u.s. decisions. today remarkably, saudi arabia again said if the west cuts any of its aid, it will make up the difference. that insulates the government here from any financial losses, but bear in mind, the relationship with washington isn't just about money. it's about prestige. military cooperation. the army is pleased that that continues to happen. it's a delicate balance. but this side of the bloodshed, i think many are thinking the calculations have been made and they fall on the side of real politic. and washington and cairo won't continue with business as usual but aren't going to cut off their phone lines. >> nick paton walsh, please stay safe, my friend. up next, the -- prince william says his son george is a bit of a rascal, just like him. cnn snagged his first interview since becoming a dad. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
3:10 pm
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3:13 pm
a security researcher who hacked into the personal facebook page of the company's founder mark zuckerberg tells cnn he had something to prove. our jim clancy went to the west bank to talk to the man behind the hacking incident that made headlines around the world. >> reporter: jake, it's almost a page from that other story from this part of the world, david and goliath. call it khalil and mark. once upon a time, a young computer expert showed a mighty social media executive he shouldn't be underestimated. khalil is a 30-year-old information technology specialist who fairly rocked facebook's world last week with a single post. you see, he used his barely running 5-year-old laptop to find a security breach no one else has ever uncovered and he showed it to them by posting to facebook founder mark zuckerberg's personal timeline. >> to find a way to post to
3:14 pm
other facebook users' timeline, this is dangerous. this is so dangerous. because it will allow people to make public ads without paying money. >> reporter: in other words, spammers could post ads to anyone's timeline on facebook, whether they were friends or not. he showed his e-mail exchanges with facebook security experts, who at first said it wasn't a bug, and then said they couldn't see it even when he posted on the timeline of one of zuckerberg's friends. if they wanted prove, he thought, he would give it to them. >> make one screen, making the second print screen. less than one minute later i got
3:15 pm
some security soft wear energy asking me please send all the details to my e-mail. >> reporter: it's especially tough on young people. khalil himself hasn't had a job in two years. he was hoping that facebook would reward him for the security flaw he discovered. but apparently, that's not to be. facebook says it regrets that khalil broke the terms of agreement by posting on zuckerberg's personal page. therefore, he's not eligible for a cash reward that he estimated would be anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars. >> i spent more than two years looking for a job. jobless everywhere here. cannot find a job. it's hard to find a job. >> reporter: he has become a local celebrity with the media and small crowds gathered at his home. we sampled a local opinion in the matter. >> does khalil deserve money from facebook? for finding this? >> and deserves a job. deserves a position.
3:16 pm
>> reporter: he says he has gotten other job offers, but he thinks many are from hackers who want to exploit his discovery and he wants no part of that. facebook says it was miscommunication. they didn't ignore him. they just didn't get all of the information that they needed. khalil is still hoping that even though he violated the rules, the security flaw he found was serious enough and he was honest enough that maybe billionaire mark zuckerberg might be willing to show some kindness. forget the money, a job for this unemployed palestinian would be the best. jake, back to you. >> jim clancy, thanks. still ahead, governor chris christie puts his signature on a new law and raises some questions about his presidential prospects in 2016. plus, the ncaa has finally ruled on whether a former marine is eligible to play college football. we'll tell you the decision coming up. what are you doing back there?
3:17 pm
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it is not all that common for a potential republican presidential candidate to win praise from gay rights activists, but that is happening today after new jersey governor chris christie signed a law banning so called gay conversion therapy for minors. christie has taken some controversial moves in recent days, raising new questions about his white house prospects. cnn's poppy harlow has more on that. >> reporter: i have to tell you, it has been quite a week for governor chris christie, who has addressed some highly controversial subjects. at the same time, he is
3:21 pm
traveling the state stumping for votes, today christie signed into law legislation that will outlaw the practice known as gay conversion therapy. it is just the latest move that has put him front and center. >> i think the statement speaks for itself. >> reporter: governor chris christie put his star. of approval on a bill for gay conversion therapy for mie norse. the controversial practice is opposed by the american medical association and the american psychiatric association. do you think that you were born gay? >> i don't know. i do think that who you are is who you are. >> reporter: matthew says he underwent five years of conversion therapy. >> they put me in this place of being uncomfortable with who i am. >> reporter: but tara king says the therapy helped turn her straight. she says banning it hurts
3:22 pm
patients. >> it prevents them from getting the help that they desire. >> reporter: christie in a statement wrote "i believe that exposing children to these health risks without clear evidence of benefits that outweighed these serious risks is not appropriate." christie is running for a second term as governor. but his action on gay conversion therapy, his unpredictable positions on stricter gun laws and medical marijuana, are all being viewed through the prism of a potential 2016 bid for president. >> these are complicated issues. >> it's simple. >> i know you think it's simple. i know you think it's simple. but it's not. >> reporter: that's the father of a 2-year-old girl suffering from a rare form of epilepsy, pleading with christie to pass a medical marijuana bill. on friday, christie conditionally agreed to allow
3:23 pm
qualified children to take edible forms of marijuana if changes are made to bill. >> just talking about gun control isolation is not going to deal with the entirety of the problem. >> reporter: christie has previously signed legislation enacting tougher gun laws in new jersey. but on friday, he vetoed a proposed ban on firearms with the caliber of 50 or greater. saying the wide scope of the ban would not improve public safety. >> this has been a huge week for governor christie. the decisions he has made now are certainly going to have ramifications if he runs for president. he took actions last week on guns that are going to be supportive of folks who are pro-second amendment. he took actions today that are certainly going to anger some social conservatives, especially when it comes to this issue of gay conversion therapy. >> reporter: jake, the group parents and friends of gays and ex-gays called christie's move today a shame, saying it "is going to hurt young people who are going to be denied their right to get the therapy they
3:24 pm
choose." opponents of this ban say they will fight the law in court just as they have in the state of california that passed a similar ban, but jake, it's fascinating to watch chris christie as he tap dances and walks this very fine line on some key issues that will certainly come up if there is a bid for the white house in 2016. i'm sure much more to come. jake? >> thanks, poppy. up next, duelling takes on chris christie's next moves and how they might play in 2016. also, prince william talks about being in the driver's seat with his wife and new son in tow. stay with us. i think farmers care more about the land than probably anyone else. we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us.
3:25 pm
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happening now, chris christie's 2016 strategy in the crossfire. is he alienating the republican base? plus, the fourth dead of a high school football player this summer. are coaches and parents doing enough to keep teenagers safe on the field? plus, prince william's first interview since becoming a dad. he's opening up to cnn about the joys and fears of parenthood. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jack tapper. and you, my friend, you're in "the situation room." many fans of new jersey governor chris christie see him as the new maverick of the republican party. that may or may not be a good thing if he runs for president in 2016. we are lucky enough to be joined now by two of the hosts of cnn's
3:29 pm
crossfire. on the left, stephanie cutter. on the right, sarah elizabeth cupp. governor chris christie has been finding the middle ground, reaching for center, when it comes to today's ruling against gay conversion therapy. i think a lot of people are viewing this through the prism of 2016. i want to play something that was said about governor christie. >> what's going to be said to secure the republican nomination is going to cause huge problems in the general election. it happened with mitt romney. it will happen in '16. governor christie, this is probably kiss of death for him. he would potentially be a strong general election candidate. in the current republican party that's going to decide the nomination in 2016, someone like him can't win. >> is that true? >> i hate to agree. but plouffe is absolutely right. that chris christie -- look, common sense sells. he's great on that.
3:30 pm
he's a great national candidate. he'll be great in a general election, if he makes it that far. the problem will be he'll have to get through a primary and defend not only some controversial policies that you've outlined, but some very pointed rhetoric he's directed at folks like rand paul recently, calling his libertarianism dangerous thought. if he thinks he can win a primary without the libertarian wing of the republican party, the only part of the republican party that's growing, he is s r sorely mistaken. >> i remember i was at the white house when we were talking about 2012 and the white house was all saying oh, don't run john huntsman against us. don't do it. i could never tell when you guys are -- i usually actually can tell. >> no, you can't. >> you're right. you had me bewildered. is it a head fake or do you actually think that he would be a strong general election candidate? >> well, i think that -- first of all, i think that s.e. is right. or sarah elizabeth.
3:31 pm
>> i apologize. >> that he would have a very tough time getting through the primary. but that doesn't mean he can't. some republican nominees have won without the libertarian sect of the party. mccain did. romney did. >> now you're really giving him the kiss of death. >> they didn't win the election. but not because they didn't have the libertarian vote. it's because they moved so far to the right that they lost the middle. i think chris christie, he does have that nice common sense touch and authenticity i think for voters. the problem is there are some things in his record that democrats, whoever is running in the next election, could use against him. his job record is abysmal. he did veto funding for plan parenthood, which is so important to the center. he could be a strong candidate, if he runs the right race. he doesn't move to the right in the primary elections. but there are some things that he'd have to resolve. >> 24% of the country says they're now libertarian. and the fact that mitt romney
3:32 pm
didn't win the presidential election had very little to do with the middle, and a lot to do with the fact that we didn't get enough republicans out to the polls. so chris christie's plan before 2016 is to alienate rand paul and the libertarian wing of the party, i think it's a pretty lousy plan. i'm starting to see this very sort of disturbing strain of anti-intellectualism that's coming out of him, when he's scolding rand paul for sounding prophesorial. we should be having debates on nsa overreach and gun control. if he doesn't want to have those debates, just wants to have everyone listen to him, i don't think he's going to get the necessary votes he needs just on the republican side to make it through the primary. >> when you watch these moves as a seasoned political hand, do you think this is all about presidential electio shial poli just doing what he needs to be
3:33 pm
doing? he's got an election coming up. we always seem to forget he has an opponent and a state to win. >> it looks like he's going to win with some significant bipartisan support. i think that the debate over intellectualism versus pragmatism has a lot to do with governor christie being a governor. he actually has to get things done. and in many ways, he's running against washington. not just the intellectual wing of the republican paerrty, but against all of washington and the gridlock we're facing here. i think that some things may be calculated on his part. his veto of the gun bill after calling for that very same gun bill was a little bit calculating. but he's got to govern. he's got to get things done. >> i'm from philadelphia. i know tons of democrats from across the bridge in cherry hill. and with the exception of the diehard partisan democrats, they love him. >> yeah, because he comes across as authentic. and that is not a very common thing in politics these days. >> he does. you're absolutely right.
3:34 pm
that is the important thing. he's charming, but you also want to see that he can be disciplined. we lost, we republicans lost a lot of good potential candidates in seats because a number of our candidates last year were not disciplined on the stump. so, you know, we're going to be watching him closely. he's a great, great guy. just want to see him narrow his focus. >> we were excited before and now i'm even more excited. thank you so much. september 16th "crossfire" returns. coming up, challenging ncaa eligibility rules. but first, as we await the debut of cnn's new "crossfire," let's take a look back at a "crossfire" classic. >> this classic "crossfire" is from 1988. months before george h. w. bush had even selected dan quayle to be his running mate. as you can see, like everyone else at the time, then the
3:35 pm
senator had a little trouble figuring out who the new soviet leader was. >> has ronald reagan been duped by the soviets? let me answer that. no, i don't think he has. but i'll tell you what i think this president feels. i think he feels that mr. gorbachov is a different type of soviet union leader. i think that is a mistake in judgment on the part of the president. >> awkward. i guess in retrospect, president ronald reagan's judgment was pretty good. [ male announcer ] america's favorite endless shrimp is back! people wait for this promotion all year long. and now there are endless ways to love it... from crispy to spicy to savory. [ man ] you cannot make a bad choice. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp! as much as you like, any way you like! you can have your shrimp. and you can eat it, too. [ male announcer ] try our new soy wasabi grilled shrimp or classic garlic shrimp scampi. all just $15.99 for a limited time. it's gonna be a hit this year. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is now! we would never miss endless shrimp.
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3:39 pm
a marine veteran has just won his newest battle to play college football. the ncaa has cleared steven rhodes to return to the field immediately for middle tennessee state university. that reverses an earlier ruling that he was ineligible to play this season because he had played in a recreational league while in the military. i spoke to him today shortly before the decision was announced. >> well, my dream has always been nfl. so college is one of those avenues you've got to pass through to get there. just once that dream is reignited, i just went with it. >> do you ultimately think they will let you play? >> i'm very hopeful that they will. that's what i'm praying and believing for. i just keep faith in the lord and i believe it will work out and i will be able to play this year. >> rhodes is a married father of two who served five years in the marines. his case got national attention. even senator john mccain tweeted today that rhodes should be
3:40 pm
allowed to play. and now he will. it was a preseason football game at a high school that went terribly, terribly wrong. a 16-year-old star player killed during a scrimmage. his death marks the fourth high school football player death just this summer, raising questions about what's being done to protect teams from potentially catastrophic injuries. here's cnn's pamela brown. >> reporter: it was a preseason football game at high school that went terribly wrong. 16-year-old star player deandre was killed after he made a routine tackle. it's the fourth death so far just this month, raising questions about what's being done to protect teens from potentially catastrophic injuries. he was a promising high school athlete, named the top defensive back at atlanta's mvp camp in june. he had already received a scholarship offer to play college football for the university of kentucky. >> he was a great kid to coach. he was a great kid to be around. he was one of those kids that definitely had the potential to go, you know, play division i
3:41 pm
ball. >> reporter: he was life was cut short after making what appeared to be a routine tackle during a preseason football game on friday night. one of his coaches glenn ford watched in horror from the sidelines. >> the ball was dislodged. his body just immediately, immediately went limp. >> he died from injuries to his back and neck. he's the fourth teen to die from injuries playing high school football just this month, bringing questions about the safety of the sport, especially for teens. in california, 14-year-old mitchell cook died, collapsing on the field after warm-ups during practice. he reportedly had a heart condition not believed to be life-threatening. in north carolina and utah, two teens also died after collapsing following morning practices. >> the game can be practiced so many ways, effectively, without full contact during the week. >> reporter: terry o'neill, an advocate for safer football practices, says high school players are using techniques
3:42 pm
that are harder on their bodies than those used by nfl players. >> these players are playing four or five full speed, full contact games a week. and nobody can survive that over the long term. the history is that it's rare that one catastrophic blow would cause death. >> reporter: his coaches and teammates say the season must go on and that's how he would have wanted it. a 2012 study by the national center for catastrophic sport injuries says 67 of the most severe injuries come as a direct result of tackling. since 1977, 283 high school and college players have ended up with permanent spinal damage. pamela brown, cnn, new york. up next, prince william talks about the media frenzy on the day he and duchess catherine introduced their new son george to the world, and the one thing he was terrified about. it's his first interview since becoming a dad, coming up. how much protein
3:43 pm
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3:46 pm
prince william is opening up about the joys of being a dad. in his first interview since the birth of his son george, he sat down with max foster at kensington palace and they talked about many things, including the media frenzy when he and his wife catherine introduced little baby george to the world. >> i think more shock and dauntingness is the feeling i felt. but the thing is, it's -- i think i was on such a high anyway, so was catherine, about george, that really we were happy to show him off to whoever wanted to see him, as any new parent knows. you're only too happy to show off your new child, and pretend that he's the best-look or the best anything. >> there's the baby, the new
3:47 pm
royal heir in the united kingdom. >> you were comfortable there? >> yeah. again, it's not somewhere i enjoy being, but i know the position i'm in, what's required of me to do. and i think it's one of those things, it's nice that people want to see george. so, you know, i'm just glad he wasn't screaming his head off the whole way. >> that moment you came out with the car seat, we had some warning that you might be doing that. fathers around the planet will be cursing you for doing it so easily. >> believe me, it wasn't my first time. i know there's been speculation butt tha
3:48 pm
about that. i had some practice. i was terrified it was going to fall off. i had actually practiced. >> and your decision to drove off. that was the most nerve racking thing for me, having my family in the car. but that was something you clearly were determined to do. >> i can be. i'm as independent as i want to do. same with catherine and harry. we've all grown up differently to other generations. and i very much feel if i can do it myself, i want to do it myself. there are times when you can't do it yourself and the system takes over, or it's appropriate to do things differently. but i think driving your son and your wife away from hospital, it was really important for me. i don't like fuss, so it's much easier to do it yourself. >> and you didn't stall. >> it's automatic, so it's all right. >> the interpretation of the imagery we saw there that this was a modern monarchy and a new
3:49 pm
wave monarchy. but was that really that much into it? was it just you and your wife doing it your own way? >> i think so. i'm just doing it the way i know. if it's the right way, brilliant. if it's the wrong way, try and do it better. but no, i'm reasonably headstrong about what i believe and what i go for. i've got fantastic people around me who give me great support and advice. >> reporter: the prince says baby george is already quite a character. >> well, yeah. he's a little bit of a rascal, we'll put it that way. he reminds me of my brother or me, i'm not sure. but he's doing very well at the moment. he doesn't like to get his nappy changed. i did the first nappy. >> reporter: a badge of honor. >> i wasn't allowed to get away he's a little -- he's growing, but he's a fighter. he wiggles around a lot. >> you're up a lot at night? >> a little bit.
3:50 pm
not as much as katherine, but these doing a fantastic job. >> is she okay? >> yes, very well. for me katherine and now little george are my priorities. and lupo. >> how is lupo coping? >> he's coping all right. they take time to adapt, but he's been all right so far. he's perfectly happy. >> and how long will it be before you go back to work? >> i need to get some sleep. so just hoping the first few shifts i go back there are no night jobs. >> one of prince williams' great passions is saving endangered species in africa. he wants his son to experience the same africa he saw as a boy and young man. to spark in his son a passion for preserving the rarest wild animals, much as his father did with him. >> you talked about your father whispering in your ear as a
3:51 pm
drunk boy. wi young boy. will do you tyou you do the sam george? good i'll have toy elephants and riders around the room. make him grow up as if he's in the bush. >> reporter: he says the possibility of his son carrying on the royal family's legacy in africa isn't his immediate concern. >> at the moment, the only legacy i want to pass on to him is to sleep more and maybe not change nappy as many times. >> reporter: parent had has a surprised and amazed prince william. >> the last few weeks have been a very different emotional experience. something i never thought i would feel myself. and i find again it's only been a short period, but a lot of things affect me differently now. >> and we're joined by max foster. max, you and i are both dads of
3:52 pm
little kids. how is the prince any different? i'm trying to think back to that era. i didn't have any sleep, constantly showing everybody pictures of my babies. probably a little different. how is he different from any regular new dad? >> i don't think there is any difference. and that's the crucial thing here. he could be different, he could have all the staff that he wanted. but it chosen not to. he's doing it himself with kate. he put the car seat in, he's up at night dos the diapers. so that's the crucial difference. he's getting an insight into what it's like to be a regular ordinary father. that's you allowed us to connect imwith him, the normality. >> and is that how prince william is or is this a new venue for him because it is this new adventure? >> i think he's particularly
3:53 pm
like this because's tired, elated, almost today lear yaus because he's so hands on. but is it a part of a new ear remarks i did ask him that and he said, no, he gist wants to did things his own way. this is a side of william we haven't seen in public. that's how he copes with all of the media frenzy around him, he decides what he wants to do and does it in his own way and that way he can feel good about what he does. he doesn't get bullied in to doing things. previous has been told what to do and is not doing that. these are subtle insights, but the first time we've had them. >> all right, max, thank you so much. watch the whole interview in prince william's passion, new father, new hope, it ayers sunday september 15th at 10:00
3:54 pm
p.m. right here on cnn. for the man who has everything, musical deodorant. we'll meet the young inventor to next. she loves a lot of the same things you do. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache.
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don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. a young inventor spices up old spice. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: what do you you get when you combine a musical greeting card and a stick of deowed rant, throw in a little rocky? ask the inventor. >> the final product is -- ♪ >> reporter: this 11-year-old took apart a musical father's day card he'd given his dad.
3:58 pm
and rigged up the mechanism so it would play when the old spice top came off. now he's created a second version. >> this is where the music comes out. >> reporter: instead of the theme from rocky -- this deodorant stick is stuck on indiana jones. ♪ but do 11-year-olds even use deowed rant? >> i started sweating a lot in fifth grade. >> reporter: inventing stuff is no threat to a kid engineer. and rocky is always dripping. sweating so much he could enter a wet t-shirt contest. quinn's cousin charlie. >> he came to me with this deodorant thing. >> reporter: he posted a musical photo and it took off there there. quinn says he was inspired by musical tooth brushes like the ones that play justin bieber's
3:59 pm
songs and scare puppies. it would probably be a lot easier to do the converse. try to spice up one of these musical cards. old spice called quinn's creation the best invention since nachos and is sending him a treasure chest of old spice products plus a 3d printer. who wouldn't want to listen to music while they put on deodorant? >> you yeah. it's an uplift to the day. >> reporter: so lift up your arms and roll like rocky. you know where you can stick it. up your arm pit. jean a jeanne moos, cnn, new york. and a special report on the newest medal of army recipient, a great but up likely hero.
4:00 pm
that's where he wednesday nigh. you can follow us on the situation room on twitter. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. take it away. next, i'd odaho burning threatening to destroy thousands of homes. we'll go to the scene for the latest 37 plus there has been a huge jump in wild animal attack this is summer. why? and a new and disturbing development tonight in the hannah anderson investigation. her kidnapper left all of his money to one person. we have that for you. let's go "outfront". good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, a developing story. idaho burning. a dangerous wildfire out of control and threatening to destroy thousands of hopes including

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